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existentialcrisis.sh is a powerful API toolkit that you may use if you'd like to have an existential crisis.

The below tools should all be very helpful in triggering an existential crisis. They are used inadvertently by the author every day.

receive a quote that may induce existential dread

GET /api/v1/crisis/quote

estimate the percentage of life you have lived

GET /api/v1/crisis/percentage?age=X
X = your age (1-100)

estimate the number of saturdays remaining

GET /api/v1/crisis/saturday?age=X
X = your age (1-100)

estimate the number of people who will remember you in a given number of years

GET /api/v1/crisis/remember?age=X&years=Y
X = your age (1-100)
Y = number of years from now (1-1000)

❤ made with love and sadness by j3s